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Midsummer celebrations

June 26, 2017

Hello my lovely readers!

This week has been super busy with our trip to Sweden and then Midsummer celebrations. I would like to share some photos of the different events we attended! The first event was the bonfire in Lohusuu – we arrived in Lohusuu an hour before the bonfire, unpacked and basically went to the party. My husband and my dad had been to Riga for a concert the night before so my dad didn’t have a voice and Joseph was tired haha. But that didn’t stop the first bonfire. We played some games and took part in some competitions like welly throw and used a blowgun. I won the blowgun competition! The kids played some games and we had a nice time chatting to the people of our village. Liina and Lucas joined in on the fun and we headed home for some tea and biscuits. The next morning we visited the Avinurme fayre which was so much fun! We got new strawberry plants and some other bits and bobs. On Friday, we had friends over at the house to have a barbecue and make a bonfire! We played some games, ate great food and did some dances around the bonfire. Lucas taught us a frog dance around the fire! It was hilarious, loved it. For the evening Liina, Lucas, Joseph and I headed to the new cafe in our area, which had a dance night on. Luckily we seen couple of friends there who we could join, as all tables were reserved. It was a good night. It’s amazing how people who say that they do not speak English, speak very good English when they have had a few drinks. On Saturday we decided to take it easy, so played football for two hours and then drove around the tourist spots with our friends. It has been such a busy week/weekend, it is nice to sit here on a Monday morning, enjoy my holidays and just chill in the sunshine.



Triinu x


South of Estonia

June 2, 2017

Hello my lovely readers!

This week was the last week of the school year, so we had a lot of interesting events throughout the week. We finished it off with a road trip to South Estonia. It was absolutely stunning and can’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of the first year of teaching. We had so much fun and got to spend time with the coolest people! When I got back, Joseph surprised me with flowers and a lot of yummy food to celebrate my first year of teaching. What a year it has been.

Hope you all have enjoyed the first days of summer!

Triinu x

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