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South of Estonia

June 2, 2017

Hello my lovely readers!

This week was the last week of the school year, so we had a lot of interesting events throughout the week. We finished it off with a road trip to South Estonia. It was absolutely stunning and can’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of the first year of teaching. We had so much fun and got to spend time with the coolest people! When I got back, Joseph surprised me with flowers and a lot of yummy food to celebrate my first year of teaching. What a year it has been.

Hope you all have enjoyed the first days of summer!

Triinu x


Forest walk to celebrate the end of April

May 7, 2017

Hello my lovely readers!

Last week we had a fun walk through the forest to the next village to celebrate the end of the heart month – April. We were greeted by sunshine when we got to the destination. Ever since Sunday it has been sunny every day, I can’t wait until it is summer. Here are some photos of our walk! Also, frogs have taken over our pond as it is mating season! It actually had about 50 frogs in it. My dad took one of the frogs out and a moment after taking the photo he dropped the frog on me haha!

I love spending my weekends outside in this lovely weather. Can’t wait to share more adventures with you.


Triinu x

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