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Renovating The Bedroom Part 1

March 6, 2017

Hello, my lovely readers.

Some of you might remember that in September we started the renovation of our bedroom. I wanted to share some of the room with you today, the other half is not quite finished yet as we haven’t picked out our closet yet.

The bed was in this corner before we started the renovation, so we decided to put the bed on the same side but the opposite way. The bed was made by Stella’s dad, who has hands of gold! It was personally made for us, which makes it more special.

Here are some more photos of the bed and the chest of drawers in our bedroom. This chest of drawers is older than I am! I love a bit of vintage addition to the room. Also, we got the window replaced with a door so in the summer we could just head straight to the pond from our bedroom. My dad did most of the building, we just followed his lead.


Just found these lovely frames from Koduextra and I am trying to find a place in the house for them! I love making our home feel more like our home.

So this is the update on our bedroom – I can’t wait to show you the other side once it is ready!

Do you like renovating? Let me know!

Triinu x


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