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“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

February 21, 2017

Hello, my lovely readers!

I deeply apologize for not writing more often but life has been so busy! But do not worry, I have a plan about scheduling my blogging into my calendar, so I will be writing regularly. However, today I wanted to tell you about my trip to Barcelona to celebrate one of the last weekends of freedom of my sister Rebekah who is getting married so soon!

The hen party weekend was amazing. So in Scotland, they call it a hen party, Americans might recognise it by a bachelorette party. We had a whole weekend of events planned in Barcelona.

I was the first to arrive in Barcelona, so I just picked a place where I could see all arrivals. Next to arrive was Emily, there were tears everywhere! I haven’t seen Emily since we left Dubai at the end of August and I couldn’t wait to hug her and chat to her again. We were chatting for about 20 to 30 minutes and then arrived the whole Aberdeen crew. By that time, I was too excited to see everyone that I managed to hold back tears in front of everyone. Then we were ready to celebrate Rebekah!

We decided to go for the metro to go to our flats. Once we had the system figured out, we headed towards the town. It was so good to catch up and get to know the metro system of Barcelona. After a bit of a misunderstanding, we managed to get the keys for our flats and got settled in. Remember, this whole time Rebekah had no idea what was going to happen. So once we settled in, we opened a bubbly and let Rebekah read her itinerary for the weekend. It was so cool to hear and see her reaction. Afterwards, we all got dressed up in red/black outfits and our feather boas. We headed out for a Spanish night.

The Spanish night started in a Spanish restaurant with lots of Tapas. Patatas Bravas was definitely one of my favourites! We all got a list of things to do at a hen party – including some naughty things like getting a piggyback ride from a stranger or getting a stranger to wear your lipstick. So some of us started early and started getting that list done right there at the restaurant. So much fun! Tummies full and ready to party, we headed to a flamenco show. Absolutely amazing! Did not realise how difficult flamenco is and hearing the music live, so much appreciation for the musicians and dancers. Definitely will recommend visiting Tarantos when you are in Barcelona. The night was young, so we went to discover the Placa Reial. We ended up in a bar that had a room for dancing, so we danced until the early hours. Absolutely loved being together with the girls again and seeing Rebekah enjoy herself. She deserves it.

The next morning, Emily and I went on a little adventure to get some breakfast and food shopping done. We saw the awesome Sagrada Familia which was a block away from us and discovered our street. It was so nice to catch up and hear how they are doing back in Dubai. Definitely miss the heat while I’m writing this. After our little trip and some breakfast, we headed on a Segway tour. 2 hours of lovely Barcelona! It was so amazing! Robot City Barcelona gave us a tour around the city centre and we saw more than expected. At first, it was difficult to control the segway but by the time we hit the road, most of us realised what they were doing. Although, I wish Barcelona wasn’t as bumpy as it is… Segway tour allowed us to see some sights and enjoy the day. Also, all the instructors spoke Russian so that was a bonus for me!

After the segway tour, we went out for lunch and took some time off to do souvenir shopping and getting ready for the evening. I love souvenir shopping for my family! We saw so many cute things that I wish I could’ve had more time. I got our house a new salt and pepper shakers which I adore! Anyway, after some time off and relaxing, it was time to head out for the night. In Minnie Mouse costumes… I LOVED IT! I would wear my outfit every day if I could.

The start of the night, we were headed to a cocktail training. We learned how to flip bottles and shake the cocktails. We met a group of guys who were having a stag do in Barcelona. The boy is going to marry a Scottish girl so it was fun to hear his view of the Scottish accent. After the training, we found a place to eat. Had some Italian food and headed out to party. We found this cute little Brazilian place called Berimbau, go ahead and visit them in Barcelona. The best service and the best virgin cocktails I have had in a long time. The atmosphere was quite relaxed and they were so kind a lovely and got us some taxis. I will definitely head there once I’m back in Barcelona.

As it was a Sunday, some places were closed but our favourite place in Placa Reial was wide open for a party. We headed back there for a dance and ran into the Stag Do again. Also, there was this one wifey who kept on kissing Rebekah on the cheek and wishing her a happy hen party. Some of the people of Barcelona are unforgettable.

After the bar was closed, we headed to another one before visiting a night club! How exciting a night club in Barcelona. I rarely went to a night club when I was in Uni, so it was exciting as I do love dancing the night away. After dancing and seeing a bit of Barcelona night life, we headed home. Where I had an hour of sleep and headed to the airport as I had to leave a day early due to work commitments.

This weekend was unforgettable. It was all for Rebekah and I know that she enjoyed it, as she deserved to have the time of her life. I enjoyed spending time with family, old friends and new friends. I just wish I could do it all over again, c’mon friends, hurry up and start getting married haha!

I just love travelling, can’t wait until our next trip to Scotland next month.

Lots of love,

Triinu x


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