Tack så mycket!

Hello my lovely readers!

So this week I had the chance to visit Sweden with my colleagues. It was not my first time in Sweden, but I love a bit of Sweden every now and again. We took the cruise to Stockholm and back. We were lucky with good weather and no strong winds to rock the boat. But we totally rocked the boat haha. We had the chance to visit the King’s palace in Stockholm as well as museums and get a taste of the food culture by eating some cinnamon rolls. We also saw the Estonian school in Stockholm. Our tour guide was my lovely friend Liina who lives in Sweden. We walked through Galma Stan and headed to the port by foot. The weather for a walk around Stockholm was perfect.  On the cruise we checked out the midnight shows, first on was the summer of Rock and the other was dedicated to Swedish songs. My friend Kertu was one of the dancers in the group called Dance Factory, they did a really good job. Also the live band was good so we got to dance the night away to some good live music. Here are some photos from our short but cute trip to Stockholm, Sweden.


Triinu x


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