Mr and Mrs Walker

On the 26th of March, the day we had been waiting for for over 700 days was finally here!

In the morning, we had a nice breakfast and started to get ready for the wedding! Packed our overnight bag and everything we needed for the hotel. I got my wedding outfit on and got my hair done to match the fascinator. Then the taxi arrived and we headed to the hotel to meet up with everyone so Joseph could join Rebekah as he was giving her away. As soon as we arrived, we saw Michael and we all got so excited. We got to be there to see Rebekah in her beautiful dress before we headed to the church – she truly looked like a Disney Princess. When we got to the church, Mark, Lee and I found seats and started waiting. Rebekah and Joseph walking down the aisle was so beautiful, I might have cried! The ceremony was lovely and it was so good to see them so in love. After the ceremony, we got some photos done (Maryculter House Hotel is beautiful for photos) and then had some drinks and chatted to folk while the bride and the groom got their photos done. Then we had the meal – the speeches were good, I’m so proud of Joseph, he did a very good job. The food was yummy! After the meal, everyone had a small photoshoot again and then we had the party! Loved the tunes and dancing. It was such a good night!

In the morning, we had breakfast and had to say goodbye to everyone. It was such an amazing day and it actually made me sad that it went by so fast! We don’t know when will be the next time we see everybody, which made goodbyes harder. But how lucky were we that we got to be there for the special day for Mr and Mrs Walker.

Triinu x


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