Back in the Deen

Hello, my lovely readers!

Last week I had the chance to go back to Aberdeen for a holiday. We went over for Rebekah’s wedding, which I will write about in a separate post, as it deserves a post by itself!

So our flights to Aberdeen were really early so we got to enjoy the sunrise and the early morning views. When we got to Aberdeen, we got picked up from the airport, dropped our stuff and headed to town straight away to get my wedding outfit! I couldn’t believe that I got my wedding outfit in one day! Okay, I got my jacket the next day. Anyway, in the evening we took it easy. Eating all the UK snacks we haven’t had in ages and we just hung out with my mother-in-law and Rebekah and Michael. Had a catch up and chatted about their wedding. Can’t believe it is all over! I hope they have the best honeymoon! That was the last time we had some proper downtime!

We met up with old and good friends. A short recap of what we were up to: I met up with Suzanne for a meal at Cosmo and then got my wedding jacket, honestly, she picked it out within two minutes in the shop! Also, I met up with Olivia who I used to work with at Foodstory, we are the OG’s of the place. So we had lunch at Foodstory, it was so good to see everyone who we saw and enjoy the nice weather. Oh and we saw Colin which made me really happy! He was a regular at Foodstory who we always liked to chat to! Joseph and I also met up with Ethan and Sabine who are getting married this summer – so we have our trip booked for their wedding!

We also had a family Christmas meal so we could be together before the big day. It was good to see all the family come together and enjoy a bit of gravy with some food. On Friday, we had a pre birthday celebration for me, as the wedding was on my birthday. We had lunch with the bride, got Joseph’s kilt fitted, went to the spa for some nice treatments and had a lovely meal at Shahbaaz. I even got a singing cake! If you are looking for a good Indian place in Aberdeen, Shahbaaz is the place to go to! Saturday, we did some walking around the town and our old area as it was a lovely day. I have added some photos of the walk as well. In the evening, Joseph went to the wedding rehearsal and afterwards we watched Gone Girl with Lee and had take away from the chipper. It was such a good night before the wedding.

It was so good to be back in Aberdeen to see our loved ones and share these special moments together. It was a bit weird not to live there anymore, but we have gotten used to living away. So this is a short recap of what we did before the wedding. Next post, I will share photos from the beautiful big day!

Triinu x


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