TAMMISPÄÄ KALAPIDU 2017 – Fishparty on ice

Good afternoon, lovely readers!

I am going to tell you about this awesome fishing party I went to on Saturday. It all started with a call on Thursday, from an unknown number. After I answered it, it was Kaidi who is the mother of one of my students and an active member of the community! She asked me to help her out at the party on Saturday and I said YES!

So Saturday, we got there and luckily one of my students just arrived next to the land with his snowmobile and we got a lift to the centre of the fishing party. So the party was held almost in the middle of the lake. As the ice is thick enough, it could carry us all and the party. People in Estonia have been ice fishing since forever and some people do it for living. Once we got to the party centre, we met up with Kaidi who was dressed up as a massive fish and went over the games and ideas for the kids during the day.

The atmosphere was unbelievable, the DJ was playing tunes and all of a sudden the host announced the beginning of fishing and everyone scattered all over the lake. We hung out at the centre and checked out people fishing too. We did our own fishing as well, as you will see from the pictures. The kids were excited, running from one fishing hole to another. At the end of the day, they announced the biggest fish, the smallest fish and one of the fishers won a TV!

It was such a cool experience and I can’t wait to take part of it next year. Definitely props to all the people who were responsible for this event, they did a great job!

This is the bye to the winter season, can’t wait for Spring to start!

Triinu x


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