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Taking on 2017

January 3, 2017

Hello, my lovely readers!

I wanted to tell you more about my new year’s resolutions this year.

Firstly, my main goal is happiness which means I have to concentrate of everything that would effectively help me be even happier.

My mental goal: Last year I spent a lot of time on Instagram, being obsessed with the Instagram perfect life style, so guess what? I gave up Instagram indefinitely. It might be a 6 months hiatus, might be longer. So far it feels better already. I can enjoy things without thinking that I need a good photo for social media.

My physical goal: This year I will beat my last year’s 10k time and do it with my husband! This means working out regularly and trying to build some muscles.

My spiritual goal: Study the scriptures as often as I can and visit the beautiful Temple.

My health goal: Learn new recipes of healthy food and enjoy seasonal food.

Also I have different goals for each month to focus on, not my idea, stolen from pinterest but still brilliant!

January: Get more sleep – it is the darkest month of the year in Estonia, this should help me to sleep enough.

February: No junk food – trying to live a healthier life, I will try to go without junk food for the month.

March: Celebrate love – my sister-in-law is getting married in March and we get to have a small holiday to be there with them. When would be the best time to celebrate love?

April: Save money – after our holiday, we probably need to check our budget and make sure we can save for our house.

May: Go for a walk – May is the perfect time to go for walks almost every day!

June: Drink enough water – as the summer arrives, need to make sure I am hydrated.

July: Keep on top of your running game – run, run,run, during my holidays in July, I should have enough time to focus on running.

August: Travel and celebrate our second anniversary.

September: Make the routine interesting – I will be back to work in September and need to make sure that going back to work will leave room for fun as well .

October: Educate myself – dark nights will be back and it is time to read some more.

November: Prepare for Christmas – the earlier you prepare, the less stress will be December.

December: Enjoy the season and savour the food – it is the most wonderful time of the year.


Here are some of my resolutions,

let me know about yours.

Triinu x - Hello, January funny pics


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