Teachers’ Day

This year I had the chance to be a Teacher on a Teachers’ Day. I am so thankful for all my students and I am so blessed with such a good school! I am so thankful for all the flowers and chocolates that I got. All the students are so lovely! The day started with all the students trying to find the right teachers with their flowers. Then we had a ceremony where we enjoyed our students singing and reading poems. It was adorable! The seniors gave us ‘apples’ that had chocolate in them and diplomas for being good teachers. The rest of the day, we got to enjoy a nice meal with all the teachers and the council representatives. The meal was lovely and it was nice to have time to just relax and spend time with all of us. While we were having a celebration, the seniors were teaching the younger classes and our ‘principal of the day’ kept an eye on the new teachers. On Friday, all the teachers had a trip to the spa for some pampering time and a nice meal. The spa was so beautiful in Autumn colours and the view from the hot tub was amazing! I can seriously say that I am very happy with my job and although teaching is difficult, the good students make up for it! It was an amazing week and I felt like it was my second birthday in the year haha! Here are some photos of the two days.

Triinu x


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