I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

Hello lovely people!

I have been super busy lately but here is a small update! Last weekend I ran another 10k! I absolutely loved the event, instead of rushing through it, I kept on enjoying the view of the town of Tartu. I am so glad that I got to take part of it. One of my students, Rasmus was running at the kids’ races and did super well! Rasmus, Suusi and Saale were waiting for me at 9k to give me a boost and got some good photos of me! After the race, I had my alumni party at my secondary school. We had a small walk through Tartu to the car and then drove to Tallinn, my hometown. It was a blast. We chatted and partied away until 1.30 am and then headed  home with Uber. I adore Uber. The prices are so good. Sunday we had a relaxing day, went to my grandparents’ house for lunch and did some preparations for the Teachers’ day which is tomorrow! Also, it was Conference weekend and I love the talks! I will do a post about them at some point. And I will definitely post about Teachers’ day which is a big tradition here in Estonia. Here is my little photocollage of the weekend.

Triinu x


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