I was such a lucky bride to have my girls by my side

I love that you get to see your memories on Facebook. A year ago I had my hen party! So I wanted to share some photos of the Hen party with you.

I got really lucky to gain two beautiful sisters with my husband. I decided to ask them to be my bridesmaids. They had an exciting day planned for me – it was all a secret until we arrived in the first destination!

First of all, we had a spa morning with the family! It was such a lovely girly morning and we had so much fun and got to relax before a busy day. That is when I received my invitation to my hen party with all the plans for the day.

Next stop was lunch at Albyn which is a place I always wanted to have lunch at when I passed it. After lunch, we had a class in cocktail/cocktail making. We had fun and got to make interesting, colourful, yummy cocktails.

After the yummy drinks, we had salsa dancing! We had this awesome Portuguese instructor who taught us all how to dance salsa. After salsa dancing we had tea at Amarone and I have never had a better cheesecake until Cheesecake factory haha!

The night ended at a hotel where we did some hen party games and Singstar and got to munch on lovely cupcakes.

This is a very brief overview, but because I was thinking about my lovely day, I wanted to share some of it with you, my amazing readers!

I am so thankful for my bridesmaids and everyone who took the time to be a part of the day. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Triinu X


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