Happiness is a day by the pool

Although the weather has been far too hot to get outside and get a tan, sometimes it’s nice to have a pool day instead of binging on Gilmore girls. As the summer is here, it is important to cool yourself down and keep your skin safe with SPF. Here are some things that I find necessary for a pool day.


A book to read, a hat to cover your hair from the sun, bikinis, water to hydrate yourself, sunglasses to protect your eyes, products to protect your skin and a towel to dry yourself after your dip in the pool.



My summer hat is form Accesorize and keeps me clear from a heat stroke. My bag is from Amazing Charlie and my bikinis are from Primark.


For my body I use Nivea sun screen (30 SPF) and for my face I use the Vitamin E moisturiser with 30 SPF.


I have just started this book – I will let you know how it is!


Behind the scenes, taking photos on this hot-hot day.

Hope you are all staying safe in this heat!

Have a great summer!

Triinu X


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5 Responses to “Happiness is a day by the pool”

  1. embracingthecliche Says:

    I love that bikini! Must have a wee trip to primark now šŸ™Š

  2. mynovemberblog Says:

    I think you should always wear a hat in hot weather, I am one of those people that don’t and I always pay for it. I have really dark hair so it attract the sun, I either burn my scalp or end up with heatstroke. I must remember to pack my hat, can save me a lot of bother.

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