In a world where Fridays are Sundays

Hello, lovely readers!

As you might have read from my previous posts, I am religious! I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Learn more about my religion). We go to church every Sunday and that is our Sabbath day. That is what I have been used to these last 5 years that I have been a member. Alas, in UAE, the church is on Friday! As today is Sunday, I wanted to share with you what I was up to on Friday and what going to church on a Friday is like. The church meetings in Dubai start at 9am, it felt really early to start with but it is the best time for church in this country. Before 9am it is not too hot yet and going to church is bearable, even if you have to walk from the metro station for 15 minutes, it is better in 35 degrees than 42. We have been taking Uber to go to church and it normally takes us 20 minutes, so it is not too far away. Church buildings are different all over the world but as soon as you walk in, you feel like you are at home. Here you get a program each week with the topic and the list of speakers at sacrament meeting.


This is what the program looked like this Friday

Our church has 3 meetings – Sacrament, Sunday school and Relief Society. Joseph and I stayed for all three hours and learned about the Temple and Family History. The rest of the Friday we spend time together – go for a walk, read, watch a good film and just enjoy the day of rest together.

Here are some things that we do on Fridays that can be church-related:


We can do family history and indexing!


Study the scriptures


I am rubbish at drawing or anything creative, but hey, what are Fridays for!

I love that I get to spend time with my loved ones and be reminded of what really matters. Whoever we are, no matter what we do, no matter what we believe or don’t believe – we all deserve a day in a week where we focus on what is important to us and enjoy it.

Lots of love,

Triinu x


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2 Responses to “In a world where Fridays are Sundays”

  1. MormonBloke Says:

    Thank you – very interesting

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