What it really feels like to live in a hot country?

Living in a hot country is amazing, right? It barely ever rains, the wind is always warm and you do not have to collect those coats for winter! The truth is there are pros and cons to everything. Here are some points that I have noticed while staying in a hot country.

  • You do not realise how hot it actually is until you experience it. Don’t believe when people say – oh it’s going to be lovely, you’ll get a tan – No. Most of the time you spend inside to keep yourself cool or covered in SPF 50 to not burn when you happen to be outside. The humidity makes a massive difference, it is not just dry heat that you can hide from in the shade
  • As a person who wears glasses – be prepared to not see. Every time you exit a shopping mall or a cool car, your glasses are bound to fog up! Foggy glasses wherever I go! And it takes a little bit of time for your glasses to adjust to the heat.This means that by the time you’re glasses have cleared up you are probably back inside the mall or hopped into a taxi.
  • You cannot get enough of the pool! It is one place that is supposed to cool you off – sometimes it gets too hot to cool you off but the idea is to trick the mind that it feels cool. Pool games are fun and I find that having pools everywhere is definitely a perk of living in a hot country. Do not forget to wear flipflops or swimming shoes, as the ground is incredibly hot when you get out of the water or when you go in. The sand can actually burn you! At least you can cool your feet down in the water.
  • The sun gets to you. The heat makes you tired. You burn easily without SPF. As much as you try to avoid it, the sun will get to you. You will get your vitamin D dosage and get a slight tan, even if your only contact with the sun is hanging out laundry. You may feel like you need a nap during your day off as you have spent some time out in the heat. That is the way your body copes with heat and tries to keep itself cool.
  • Walking small distances can be a sweaty nightmare. I have done trips to the local shop – no more than 7 minutes of walking and when I get there, I find that the AC is the biggest blessing this country has! My face feels sweaty, my back feels sweaty – where is the ice cream?! I tend to leave the shop with a cold drink and ice cream that I did not plan to buy.
  • Speaking of walking, let’s speak about running. Before leaving Aberdeen, I upped my running game to 13k and managed to do it in 1hour and 16minutes. Now in the heat, I’m back at the bottom, starting from 2-3k. During a run, I constantly have to make sure my heart rate is fine, that I have enough water, that I drink enough water and that my head is not too hot from the sun. I have been running in the morning as it is cooler but I plan to try running at night when the sun is not up at all!
  • This weather, overall…It is good for your health! Sydney Epstein lists 5 reasons that warmth is good for your health. Firstly, you get more sunlight – this means more vitamin D for your body! Secondly, you will be more physical, the sun will motivate you to go out and do things, unless it is actually unbearable to stay outside, you will want to move! And when it is unbearably hot, you return to the pool! Thirdly, research shows that the heat improves your memory – so all my loved ones who are getting older, you better come and visit! Fourth, Sydney writes that death rates are lower in warmer climates (yay!). Lastly, hot weather is better for your heart and lungs… say that to my body when I try to run.
  • You will get used to it eventually. The weather is only unbearably hot for 3 months out of 12 months in Dubai. Your body gets used to it and 20 degrees in the winter will feel cold. I am just waiting for the day it will feel normal that my flipflops are melting in the sun!


I can’t wait until my friends and family come to visit and experience this all by themselves! Maybe not the melting flipflops…

Lots of love,

Triinu x


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2 Responses to “What it really feels like to live in a hot country?”

  1. Kätlin Says:

    Oeh siin vihmases Aberdeenis seda lugedes mõtlen küll et no ei saa seal mingeid halbu külgi olla, aga eks EestigI kuumade ilmadega olen tunda saanud et vahel on ikka liiga palav. Loodetavasti jõuan ka kunagi külla teile 🙂 edu ja jaksu seniks teile! X

    • triinud Says:

      Mul on hea meel, et saad mõelda, et kuum ei olegi nii hea! Tead, Josephi tädipojad nägid eelmine nädal Aberdeenis üle kuue kuu vihma ja veetsid kaks tundi õues vihma käes! Nii et naudi kuni veel saad haha! Ma loodan ka! Aitäh, Kätlin!! X

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