It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.

This Friday, the 8th of July, we had the chance to drive to Abu Dhabi to see Jamie Raven. As it is a 1h and 30 minute drive to Abu Dhabi, we decided to leave after lunch to find the venue, have a nosey around the town and grab some tea before the magic show. As it is Eid Mubarak, the roads approaching Abu Dhabi were empty!

Firstly, we found the venue – the Emirates Palace. It is absolutely massive! It was so beautiful and golden that I felt underdressed haha! We had a little nosey around and checked out where the car park is and took some photos.


The Emirates Palace

After the Emirates Palace, we headed to the Marina Mall to check some shops and grab dinner. Had dinner at Fuddruckers, their burgers are amazing and the service was lovely. After our dinner, we had the chance to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show for kids and looked around some more shops – absolutely love the dresses at Bebe!


Abu Dhabi Eye


The Marina Mall


The TMNT show

After visiting the mall we had some time to walk around and drive around a little before heading to the venue.


Back at the Emirates Palace, we had a walk through the hotel and headed to the auditorium to wait for the show.




Cheeky selfie – absolutely love my Debenhams jumpsuit!

Waiting for the show to start – it was totally worth it. Jamie Raven did his illusions that he performed on Britain’s Got Talent as well as new ones. My favourite trick included an iPhone and the calculator app! I will add a video of Raven performing it on TV at the end of this blogpost.


We were so chuffed to meet Jamie Raven himself! A lovely genuine person who enjoys what he does in his life. Absolute inspiration.



Jamie Raven gave us a signed poster and signed our tickets.

The show was mind-blowing, on our way back to Dubai, we were just listening to tunes and trying to think how he does what he does! Oh well, Magician’s code, eh. It was my first proper magic show and I can’t wait for the next one!

Jamie Raven on TV – here is the magic trick I really enjoyed with the numbers!

Lots of love,

Triinu x


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