Run Balmoral 2016

Last year, for one of my New Years resolutions I promised to run a 5k race in 2015. So I signed up for Run Balmoral. It was absolutely amazing! It wasn’t my fastest time as I didn’t know the route very well but it was really exciting and I enjoyed the race. So this year, my mother in law and I decided that we would do the 10k. I was excited but nervous at the same time as my mother in law runs 10k couple of times a week and I, well, I don’t haha. But as I braved it, I signed up for it and had all of these plans to do a 12 week training schedule, which with my dissertation writing, work and husband moving – didn’t happen. However, I did go for runs and started to enjoy it more when I could. So when the race day arrived, I thought to myself that next year I will train more haha. It was too late to do anything about it now but as soon as I crossed the start line – the worries were gone. I decided to enjoy it and do it no matter what time or what speed. I just enjoyed the run. I did it in 1h and 4 minutes, while my mother in law did it in an hour. And when people tell you that there is a little hill on the course? Don’t believe them, the hill is massive! I almost died. After every bend, I hoped that this was the peek, but did not happen for about 1.2k. Next year I will know what to train for, more hill runs than anything else! Anyway, I wanted to encourage all of you to sign up for a race – the feeling is amazing! Whether running or walking, you get out there and enjoy yourself! Although it snowed and rained during the race – I would not change it for the world. It just feels like an achievement. Can’t wait until my next 10k!


The bath night before – trying to calm my nerves in bubbles haha!


Pre race faces!


After our race at Run Balmoral


Post-Race munch at the Riverside Cottage – absolutely yummers!


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