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Birthday with a view

May 23, 2016


On the 15th of May, Joseph turned 23! As Sunday is a work day, we went out for a dinner to celebrate in the evening. We decided to check out a spot called Pier 7 which is a building at the marina with 7 levels and 7 restaurants. We went through all of the resaurants and ended up picking a british pub style restaurant called the Scene. The food was amazing, definitely have a small platter of chicken wings – nomnom! The view was spectacular! You could see all the big marina building and the sunset. Once the sun was gone, you can see all the buildings with their twinkling lights and fancy yacht parties.



Triinu x


Nothing here is ordinary, the buildings are all the tallest, biggest, weirdest.

May 20, 2016

One day when Joseph was away in Oman, we decided to head to the Dubai mall. Had a lovely lunch at the Cheesecake factory and did some shopping. We also checked out the aquarium and the fountain show! I want to see the fountain show at night with the lights on.



Takeaway cheesecake



When Joseph was away with work, I enjoyed the Dubai mall with Emily and James and their boys Jamie and Ben



The Aquarium



It is absolutely scorching outside! But the fountain show was lovely and the sun is lovely. Burj Khalifa stands proudly in this heat!

Enjoying the heat instead of the windy Aberdeen,

Triinu x

Dessert at brunch goes in a different stomach.

May 19, 2016

Good morning all my lovely readers!

I haven’t written on this blog since 2nd of May – oops! Well, I am here to tell you the reason why! As you may have read before, my husband moved abroad recently to start a new job while I am still in Aberdeen finishing my studies at university. Now my exams are done! I am officially finished with my studies – just waiting for the results! After my exams I moved flats and also worked more at the lovely Foodstory. However, last Thursday I hopped on the plane and travelled to Dubai! So here is a recap of my first days in Dubai!


My dragonpass paid off with lounge access during my 5h layover in Amsterdam. 


I absolutely love my new Tripp carry on suitcase. Shoutout to Debenhams for cute suitcases!


I enjoyed the view and seeing the airplanes take off. 



A little walk around the Marina before we headed to our Friday brunch. 




What is Dubai without a camel?




Our Brunch spot




Absolutely stuffed from brunch but enough room for fresh coconut water

Brunch is a big thing in Dubai. Unlimited food and drink – absolutely amazing. We went to the Jumeirah Mina A’Salam hotel which was absolutely gorgeous. With a view on the Burj Al Arab and the beach, cannot imagine a better place for my first Dubai brunch.

After the brunch we went back to the house and spent the evening in the pool playing with water guns. The weather is absolutely amazing! Although, in the 48 degrees – catching the sun is a bit too much haha!

I will update you with the rest of my trip soon!

Triinu x

Run Balmoral 2016

May 2, 2016

Last year, for one of my New Years resolutions I promised to run a 5k race in 2015. So I signed up for Run Balmoral. It was absolutely amazing! It wasn’t my fastest time as I didn’t know the route very well but it was really exciting and I enjoyed the race. So this year, my mother in law and I decided that we would do the 10k. I was excited but nervous at the same time as my mother in law runs 10k couple of times a week and I, well, I don’t haha. But as I braved it, I signed up for it and had all of these plans to do a 12 week training schedule, which with my dissertation writing, work and husband moving – didn’t happen. However, I did go for runs and started to enjoy it more when I could. So when the race day arrived, I thought to myself that next year I will train more haha. It was too late to do anything about it now but as soon as I crossed the start line – the worries were gone. I decided to enjoy it and do it no matter what time or what speed. I just enjoyed the run. I did it in 1h and 4 minutes, while my mother in law did it in an hour. And when people tell you that there is a little hill on the course? Don’t believe them, the hill is massive! I almost died. After every bend, I hoped that this was the peek, but did not happen for about 1.2k. Next year I will know what to train for, more hill runs than anything else! Anyway, I wanted to encourage all of you to sign up for a race – the feeling is amazing! Whether running or walking, you get out there and enjoy yourself! Although it snowed and rained during the race – I would not change it for the world. It just feels like an achievement. Can’t wait until my next 10k!


The bath night before – trying to calm my nerves in bubbles haha!


Pre race faces!


After our race at Run Balmoral


Post-Race munch at the Riverside Cottage – absolutely yummers!

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