30-Day challenge

Hi, lovely people!

I hope you are doing well. It is sunny in Scotland, so I have been enjoying the nice weather and been dreaming about summer. Speaking of summer, last year Foodstory did a 30-day challenge to eat nothing that contains processed sugar, dairy or gluten. Follow them on their website Foodstory and there you can find their Instagram as well as Facebook account.

In light of this challenge, I wanted to share one of my favourite smoothies!

Firstly, I usually just grab some berries that I have in the fridge – today there were strawberries and raspberries.


For something green – I add Kale. For texture – I add a banana and for some smoothness I add unsweetened almond milk.


Here are the ingredients in my lovely little blender!


To give me more energy I top the smoothie with chia seeds as I love them! However, you can top your smoothie with anything such as gluten free muesli, pumpkin seeds, nuts…The choices are endless!


It is a quick option for breakfast or a snack!

Hope you can get inspired from this and get your blender on!

Let me know your favourite recipes for smoothies!


Lots of love,




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